Fancy a trip to Europe? Now could be the best time!

World currency


Making your dollar go even further

If you’re hankering after a trip to Europe – exploring the ancient architecture of Rome, climbing the dizzy heights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or visiting London’s fashion hot-spots, this may be the best time to go.The strength of the dollar is already impacting the price of foreign travel, helping US travellers stay and play for up to 20% less than in recent years. Read more…

Is the Nordic diet the healthiest on earth?



In the footsteps of Vikings

It’s often said that ‘you are what you eat’ – if it’s true then new evidence suggests that rather than aiming to imitate the southern Europeans in their Mediterranean-style diet, we should, instead, be eating like Vikings. The Scandinavians already have our admiration for their model prisons, schools and healthcare system – not to mention gritty noir thrillers – but they’re now grabbing the attention of nutritionists who believe that following the New Nordic Diet could help us all to lead healthier, longer lives. Read more…


Customer complaints can damage businesses for good – so what’s the best policy?

Zipped mouth


What price customer service?

It’s a small world – and bad news travels fast. Out of the billions of transactions that take place globally every day, it’s inevitable that some will go wrong and complaints will surface. As an increasing number of these transactions occur online, customers often don’t have the opportunity to resolve problems face-to-face and are likely to take to social media with their grumbles. So what’s the best way for a business to handle complaints and should we be putting our faith in review sites for a fair evaluation of a company’s reputation? Read more…

It’s Suntory time as Japanese whisky is crowned best in world



When is whisky not scotch? When it’s Japanese, of course!

Traditional scotch-lovers, avert your eyes! In a move that’s sure to baffle Scottish producers, Suntory’s Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 is the first Japanese whisky to win the Whisky Bible top spot, displacing the Scottish whisky brands that have previously dominated the rankings. Scottish whisky has led historical sales of the spirit with recent winners in Jim Murray’s annual ‘Whisky Bible’ including seriously good malts from Old Pulteney and Glenmorangie. But this year Scottish producers are eating humble pie with all of the top five positions going to non-Scottish brands. Why? Read more…