Solar flight crosses Pacific

Solar Impulse touches down in Hawaii after five-day flightSuccess on historic round-the-world trip

Pilot Andre Borschberg landed his solar-powered plane on Hawaii’s Oahu Island to complete a remarkable 118-hour non-stop flight across Pacific Ocean. The record-breaking journey concluded the eighth stage of a 13-leg trip around the world, clocking up 5,000 miles in just five days without any fuel – a record for a plane run only on solar power. Read more…

Tesla announces ‘Powerwall’ domestic energy solution

Tesla announces the development of a rechargeable battery for domestic use

A sustainable home energy solution?

If homeowners could supply all the power they needed from a set of rechargeable batteries, it could transform the domestic energy market for good. Elon Musk, founder of electric car company Tesla, has just thrown his hat into the ring with the launch of a suite of low-cost solar batteries designed to capture and store energy for use in the home, claiming that the technology will help change ‘the entire energy infrastructure of the world’. Read more…